The Distinction between Evolution Theory as a Scientific Theory and Evolutionary Naturalism as a Philosophical Approach

Sayyid Mahdi Biabanaki / Assistant Professor of the Department of Ahl al-Bayt’s Teachings Isfahan University                                                                                                     

Received: 2020/02/17 - Accepted: 2020/07/07


Form the viewpoint of evolutionary naturalism, the evidence of evolution reveals a universe without design, and the evolution theory reject the belief in supernatural identities and causes. However, it seems that one must distinguish between the evolution theory as a scientific theory and the “evolutionary naturalism” as a philosophical view. Naturalists such as Dawkins claim that “Evidence of evolution reveals a universe without design.” However, it is by presuming ontological naturalism that one can arrive at such a conclusion from the evolution theory. Of course, by accepting the ontological naturalism, there is no need to the evolution theory to prove a universe without design. The ontological naturalism can result in such a conclusion once it comes together with anything else. In this article, we show that the arguments presented by naturalists cannot show that there are no supernatural identities and causes; and thus, the naturalists cannot reject the possibility of entrance of such identities and causes into the explanations regarding the features of the natural universe unless they do not let their entrance a priori and according to a philosophical approach.

KEY WORDS: evolution theory, naturalism, evolutionary naturalism, Darwinism, natural selection, Dawkins.


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