The Way the Philosophical Concepts Are Realized in Transcendental Philosophy

Muhammad Farsiyat / PhD Student of Philosophy IKI             

Received: 2020/01/10 - Accepted: 2020/09/17


How the philosophical meanings are realized in transcendental philosophy is subsidiary to the principality of existence and conventionality of meaning. By posing the ideas of principality of existence and conventionality of meaning, Mulla Sadra proved that external identities are of the type of truth of existence and that the meaning is impossible to be found in external world. Therefore, he maintains that the existence of meanings, including the philosophical meanings, in the external world is their verifying external quiddities. Considering the fact that Mulla Sadra does not know the external quiddities to be of the meaning type, he thus believes that the contrast of concepts and meanings would not necessarily lead to multiplicity of instances and it is possible that multiple concepts and meanings refer to one single quiddity. It is necessary to mention that although Mulla Sadra regards it possible for multiple concepts and meanings to refer to one single quiddity, by putting forward the idea that accident is separable from what it belongs to, he could prove that the accidents are externally supper added to what they belong to.

KEY WORDS: philosophical concepts, essential concepts, meaning, truth of existence, principality of existence and conventionality of meaning, accident.


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