The Philosophical Analysis of Freedom in Value Sciences

Mujtaba Mesbah / Associate Professor in Department of Philosophy IKI

@ Ali Ahmadi Amin / PhD Student in Comparative Philosophy of Morality IKI

Received: 2020/01/15 - Accepted: 2020/10/04


In value sciences, ‘freedom’ refers to something which is, in itself, a human action and can be evaluated. Freedom is among the important concepts and generally among the much disputed values in value sciences, a value whose analysis would have a great impact on value arguments. The concept of freedom is among the secondary philosophical intelligibles and abstract concepts, a concept obtained through comparison. In understanding freedom, it is necessary to consider six parameters: (1) the action of the agent, (2) lack of external obstacle or reluctance, (3) preparing the necessary conditions in society or lack of emergency condition, (4) no interference in internal factors or deception, (5) preparing the necessary internal factors through education and training, and (6) accepting and considering the human destination and good fortunes in moral reasoning.

KEY WORDS: freedom, value, interference, value sciences.



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