The Evaluation of Consciousness of Creatures in Transcendental Philosophy According to Evidences Based on the Personal Unity of Existence

Muhammad Ali Muhiti Ardakan / Assistance Professor in Department of Philosophy IKI
Received: 2021/06/23 - Accepted: 2021/12/18    

One of the truths occupying the minds of many thinkers is the consciousness of creatures, an issue evidenced by the verses of the Holy Quran and the ample hadiths. The transcendental philosophy has taken valuable steps for explaining the diffusion of awareness in all creatures. This article attempts to make use of a descriptive-analytical method and a critical approach to investigate those evidences for universal consciousness of the creatures presented in transcendental philosophy by reliance on the personal unity of existence. The findings of this study suggest that if the evidences are not sufficient to prove the claim, one can use the Quranic verse and hadiths that denote the diffusion of awareness in all creatures to conclude that any creature enjoys knowledge, although the whole truth of such knowledge is unknown and inaccessible for human beings.

KEY WORDS: transcendental philosophy, consciousness of the creatures, personal unity of existence, knowledge, Mulla Sadra.

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