The Critical and Referential Analysis of the Astarabadi’s Confrontation with Philosophy

Gholam Ali Muqaddam / Assistant Professor in Department of Philosophy Razawi University of Islamic Sciences                                                                                                                          

Received: 2021/01/29 - Accepted: 2021/08/01


The critical analysis of teachings prepares the ground for their examination and elevation. Few teachings can be found that succeeded in obtaining a consensus and bringing about an agreement. Any teaching has, more or less, some opponents and critics. The philosophical thought has had numerous opponents with a variety of motivations and methods. The traditionalist group is one of them. Although this thought never turned into the dominant stream in the Shiite thought, there has been a taint of it in that sphere. Mulla Muhammad Amin Astarabadi, one of the pillars of traditionalism, reviews the opinions of philosophers in one section of his al-Fawa’id al Madaniyya, and uses an internal and referential approach to review and falsify the philosophical thoughts. In this article, we use an analytical-referential method to evaluate and judge his reviews.

KEY WORDS: motion, dilatation of stillness, traditionalism, opponents of philosophy, Astarabadi.

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