Tropism and Bradley’s Vicious Circle

@ Reza Dargahi-far / PhD Student of Philosophy of Mind Research Center of Cognitive Sciences


Ahmad Lohrasbi / Assistant Professor of Comparative Philosophy Shahid Mutahhari University

Received: 2020/06/22 - Accepted: 2021/01/02                                   


Bradley mentions a vicious circle according to which any theory that considers external things as units composed of plural components are deficient. Since most tropists maintain that the minute things are composed of coexisting trops, Bradley’s vicious circle covers tropism as well. Mavrin holds that Bradley’s view on how the relationship exists is wrong, and that the relationship is something with an existential dependence on its surroundings; and she has, thus, resolved Bradley’s vicious circle. However, based on a reading of Allama Tabatabai’s analysis in the discussion on existence of a connection, one may criticize Mavrin and consider a mutual dependence between the relationship and its surroundings. Besides, although Mavrin’s view resolves Bradley’s vicious circle, it seems to be inconsistent with tropism theory. In this article, after a brief look at tropism, we mention Bradley’s vicious circle and explain it for the theory of tropism. Then, we mention Mavrin’s solution and review it to defend the view of internal and mutual dependence between the relationship and its surroundings.

KEY WORDS: tropism, Bradley’s vicious circle, existence of connection, internal dependence, Anna Sofia Mavrin, Allama Tabatabai.

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