A Review of the Most Important Doubts Regarding Corporeal Resurrection with the Elemental Body

@ Sayyid Muhammad Mahdi Nabawiyan / PhD of Comparative Philosophy IKI smm.nabavian@yahoo.com

Sayyid Mahmoud Nabawiyan / Associate Professor in Department of Philosophy IKI

Received: 2020/09/13 - Accepted: 2021/02/12                                           nabaviyan@gmail.com


The corporeal resurrection is one of the main issues influencing the realm of religion, an issue that has dominated a large part of religious sources. Many of the Islamic thinkers have sought to analyze and investigate this subject and some have put forward a certain view about it. Regarding the nature of the corporeal resurrection, there are some disagreements, but according to the right belief and according to the Quranic verses and traditions, the corporeal resurrection is realized in the Doomsday with an elemental body, not an imaginary one. On the theory of corporeal resurrection with the elemental body, however, various doubts and objections have been offered by some thinkers. In this article, seven doubts among the important doubts on the corporeal resurrection with elemental body are investigated, and it is shown that none of them can blemish the verses and traditions asserting the elemental mode of the corporeal resurrection. These doubts are as follows: lack of matter in Doomsday, no time in Doomsday, no place in Doomsday, no corruption in Doomsday, origination of beings in the hereafter, repetition of this world and unity of the divine action.

KEY WORDS: resurrection, elemental body, ideal body, matter, time and place.



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