The Philosophical-Theological Meaning and Truth of “Sirat” In Allamah Tabatabai’s View

@ Sajjad Mirza’i / PhD of Educating the Theoretical Bases of Islam Qom University of Islamic Teachings


Reza Haji Ibrahim / Assistant Professor in Amirkabir Industrial University

Received: 2020/07/08 - Accepted: 2020/12/15


The nature of “Sirat” (the Path or Bridge  which every human must pass on the "Day of Judgment" to enter the Paradise) and its features are among the important issues in theology and religious teachings. Any explanation and interpretation of it is influential in theological discussions and the network of religious teachings. In this study, “the meaning and truth of Sirat” in three spheres of genesis, legislation and punishment in Allamah Tabatabai’s view is investigated. The results show that Allamah deals with the four systems (cause and effect, motion, authority and servitude, and divinity) in his intellectual system and his worldview, and has offered in each system a definition according to that system for Sirat. In the sphere of genesis, Sirat has been explained with a consideration of the two systems of “cause and effect” and “motion” (if it is involuntary); and in the sphere of legislation, it is defined with a consideration of the three systems of “motion” (in voluntary motion), “authority and servitude”, and “divinity”. In the sphere of punishment, a definition related to the definition of legislative Sirat is presented.

KEY WORDS: Sirat, legislation, genesis, divinity, Allamah Tabatabai.

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