The Role of Servitude to God in Meaningfulness of Life

Askari Soleymani Amiri / Professor of the Department of Philosophy IKI

@ Ahmad Muhammadi Ahmad-abadi / Assistant Professor of Theoretical Bases of Islam IKI

Received: 2020/02/04 - Accepted: 2020/09/16                                 


The question about the “meaning of life” is an inquiry deeply rooted inside all human beings. Thus, the man has always been in search of a persuasive answer to it so that he may be able to achieve the spiritual tranquility by relying on that answer, and become hopeful in his life. That question is among the questions arisen for all those who arrive at a deep self-awareness. By the deep self-awareness, we mean human’s attention to his own existence, to the question about where he has come from, where he is going to, and what the philosophy and goal of his life are. The philosophers have presented various interpretations regarding the meaning and the goal of life. Some of those interpretations are materialistic and some others are unrealistic and imaginary. In contrast, some philosophers seek the meaning of life in theism. In monotheistic worldview based on Islamic teachings, the life becomes meaningful with faith in God and servitude to Him. In this article, we seek to investigate this issue form the viewpoint of Islamic teachings.

KEY WORDS: meaning of life, goal of life, absurdity, theism, Islam.



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