Abduction in Aristotle’s Logics

Amin Mu’azzami Gudarzi / PhD Student of Philosophy of Social Sciences IKI

Received: 2020/02/20 - Accepted: 2020/10/13                                        aminmoazami242@yahoo.com


Along with the deductions in Aristotle’s logics, Charles Sanders Pierce introduces another deduction called ‘abduction’. Among its features, one can refer to “being in the second form”, “minor deduction”, and “causal explanation”. He attempts to find an origin for abduction in the ‘apagoge’ discussion in Aristotle’s Prior Analytics; but as Florez holds, he has made a mistake and must search for it in the Posterior Analytics. In this regard, Florez claims that the two discussion of “explanatory analogy” and “cognitive faculty or acuity” in Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics can be introduced as an origin for abduction.  However, we would show through a descriptive and analytical method that Florez claim is not right and one cannot completely conform them to the features of abduction and find a discussion in Aristotle’s logics that completely corresponds to the parameters of Pierce’s abduction.

KEY WORDS: abduction, apagoge, explanatory analogy, estimation, Charles Sanders Pierce, Aristotle.



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