Interpretation of the Secondary Philosophical Intelligibles In Mulla Sadra’s and Shahid Sadr’s Thought

Nasrin Tawakkoli / Assistant Professor of Theology and Islamic Sciences Payam-e Nur University


@ Muhammad Ali Isma’ili / PhD Student of Philosophy al-Mustafa International University

Received: 2020/03/10 - Accepted: 2020/08/25                                        


The idea of primary and secondary intelligible is deeply rooted in logics. Evolution and development of the interpretation of secondary philosophical intelligible was done by Mulla Sadra and Shahid Sadr. In that stage, in addition to separating the logical and philosophical secondary intelligibles, they dealt with an exploration in the reality of the secondary philosophical intelligible and explained external accidents for philosophical concept in addition to external qualification. This view was founded by Mulla Sadra in philosophy and by Shahid Sadr in ‘principles of jurisprudence’. This study uses a descriptive-analytical method, aiming at exploring and comparing Mulla Sadra’s and Shahid Sadr’s views in interpreting the secondary philosophical intelligibles. Through this inquiry, it is clarified that Mulla Sadra, in first look, has accepted the view famous among philosophers after Muhaqqiq Qushchi, putting forward the idea of mental accidents and external qualification for philosophical concepts. But in the final look, he criticizes that view and does not accept the separation between container of accidents and qualification. Shahid Sdar, in numerous occasions, investigates the issue of secondary philosophical intelligible in the science of principle of jurisprudence, and makes use of it in resolving some issues of principle, jurisprudence and theology including plurality of title and the entitled, affairs belonging to natures or individuals, analysis of the truth of ownership, and the type of propositions pertaining to good and evil.

KEY WORDS: primary intelligibles, secondary logical intelligibles, secondary philosophical intelligibles, Mulla Sadra, Shahid Sadr.



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