The General and Specific Definitions of Beauty Regarding its Ontological Truth on the Basis of Mulla Sadra’s Opinions

@ Mahdi Amini / PhD Student in Philosophy of Religious Art University of Religions and Denominations


Mohammad Fanaie Eshkavari / Professor in Department of Philosophy IKI

Abdullah Fathi / Assistant Professor in Department of Philosophy IKI

Received: 2019/10/26 - Accepted: 2020/07/05


In the present article, the discussion is on how one can offer a single definition for beauty that can be applied to possible beings as well as exalted necessary being. The writer has attempted to get idea from Sheikh Ishraq’s method of “conceptual analysis” and adduce Mulla Sadra’s ontological views to offer a general definition of beauty in a way that covers both the necessary being and the possible beings. The beauty based on specific gradation of existence is “realization of mode of perfection existence in form”, and on the basis of personal unity of existence is “the mode of manifestation or appearance of perfections of absolute existence in form”. By adding stipulations to the abovementioned definition, one can present specialized definitions of beauty as well. To obtain those general and specific definitions, the writer, while arguably denying the quidditative mode for beauty, has regarded the existential mode for it, continuing his discussion by analyzing and extracting philosophical concepts which reflect the relationship between existence and beauty.

KEY WORDS: beauty, manifestation, form, conceptual analysis, gradation.

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