The Analysis and Critique of Post-phenomenology in Technological Case Studies

@ Hamid Ahmadi Hedayat / PhD in Philosophy of Education Shahed University

Muhsen Farmahini Farahani / Associate Professor in Department of Educational Sciences Shahed University      

Sa’id Zarghami / Associate Professor in Department of Philosophy of Education Khwarazmi University


Roqayya Musawi / Assistant Professor in Department of Educational Sciences Shahed University

Received: 2019/07/07 - Accepted: 2020/02/06                                           


The main goal of this study is an analysis and critique of post-phenomenology in technological case studies. It seeks to answer two basic questions: first, ‘what analysis of post-phenomenology can be offered in technological case studies?’ and second, ‘what objections to post-phenomenology are posed in technological case studies?’ To this end, we used methods of conceptual analysis and evaluation of conceptual structure. The findings of the study regarding the first question show that post-phenomenology has originated from superiority of practice over theory in history of philosophy, and this has led to theoretical reflections on technology. This approach began with Don Ihde’s works in philosophy and is being developed with case studies on new technologies in works of Ferbike, Rosenberger and other expositors. The most important concepts developed in this philosophical tradition include relational ontology, mediatory concern, human-technology relations, technological concern, mediated awareness ground, alteration method, multiplicity, relations strategy, and alteration in transparency. The findings of the study in regard to the second question show that the most important critiques on this view are weakness of the theory of post-phenomenological morality in explaining some issues, inability in recognizing dominant stability in the multiplicity idea, being limited to specific relations and technological materialism, and no attention to human’s liberty in choosing technological mediation.

KEY WORDS: analysis, critique, post-phenomenology, case studies, technology.

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