Critical Investigation of the Effect of Evolution Theory on the Anthropological Foundations of Humanities

@ Hamid Imami-far / PhD in Philosophy of Social Sciences IKI  

Ali Mesbah / Associate Professor in Department of Philosophy IKI

Received: 2019/07/03 - Accepted: 2020/01/10


Initially, Charles Darwin put forward the ‘evolution theory’ as a biological theory in the scientific world. This sort of viewing the universe was not void of metaphysical results and had a great impact on humanities. Indeed, its effect on humanities was even more than its effect on biology. This study presents a report of evolution theory, its effect on anthropological foundations of humanities in five spheres, human’s truth, human’s status in the existence system, human’s will and liberty, human’s ultimate perfection and human’s creation to investigate them and show that the anthropological foundations of humanities emerged from the evolutionary view of the universe is not consistent with the anthropological foundations of Islamic humanities we support.

KEY WORDS: evolution theory, Darwin, humanities, anthropological foundations, Darwinism.

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