The Foundation of Knowledge by Presence of Sensible Things in Allama Tabatabai’s View

@ Ibrahim Shir Ali-nia / PhD of Transcendental Philosophy Tarbiat Modarres University Tehran         

Reza Akbarian / Professor in Department of Philosophy Tarbiat Modarres University Tehran

Muhammad Sa’idi Mehr / Professor of Department of Philosophy Tarbiat Modarres University Tehran

Received: 2019/09/16 - Accepted: 2020/02/29


In Allama Tabatabai’s view, the foundation of knowledge by presence of the sensible world is based on two theories of ‘motion’ and ‘ideal world’. In explaining the knowledge system, these two theories are not only in harmony but also are two aspects of one single truth. The sensible world is the world of motion and motion is nothing but the existence of a mobile entity. The existence concomitant to actuality is unity and constancy. Accordingly, the mobile existent is both in reality and in its existence, while being gradual, single and having some constancy. We will show that the manifestation of mobile existence in time is a definite motion, and in the moment a mediating motion. The mobile existence (motion) is connected to the abstract and constant beings in unity and constancy, and creates the foundation of intuitive knowledge of sensible world. By proving the ideal world and considering its cause and effect relationship with the sensible world, as well as the existential conformity of those two worlds, a single and continuous existential spectrum of those worlds is created. In this existential spectrum, the ideal world is the inner state and the truth, and the sensible world is the outer state and the rarity. Interpretation of the causal system on the basis of the unity of truth and rarity makes it possible that the intuitive knowledge of the sensible world is obtained through the intuitive knowledge of the ideal world as the cause, the inner state and the truth of the sensible world. The mobile existence (sensible world) is the manifestation of the constant world (ideal world) in time.

KEY WORDS: Allama Tabatabai, knowledge by presence, mobile existence, sensible world.

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