Terminology of the Concept of Science in Islamic Philosophy

Ghulam-Hussein Ibrahimi Dinani / Professor in Tehran University           ghdinani@ut.ac.ir

Abdul-Hussein Khosrow-panah / Associate Professor in Iran Research Institute of Philosophy


@ Ahmad Imami / PhD of Islamic Philosophy in Iran Research Institute of Philosophy

Received: 2019/03/11 - Accepted: 2019/09/25                             ahmademami@yahoo.com


In the present article, we have enumerated, after an introduction on the nature of terminology and its meaning for us here, about 50 terms and expressions related to the philosophical concept of “science” or close to its meaning through induction. We have then selected the following terms as appropriate to the philosophical discussions of studying sciences: “consciousness”, “perception”, “knowledge”, “science”, “intellect”, and “reasoning”. In the next step, we have studied the literal meaning of those terms to mention their philosophical conception and their difference from one another by adducing the works of philosophers. In the next step, we have dealt with studying the usage of those terms in philosophical works; and finally, we have suggested the best and most appropriate terms for various aspects of philosophical study of science, such as the epistemological aspect and the ontological aspect of science.

KEY WORDS: terminology, semantics, studying concepts, studying usage, science, perception, knowledge, consciousness, intellect, reasoning.

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