The Investigation and Review of Two Solutions Offered by Mulla Sadra in Harmonizing the Theory of Corporeality of Origination of Human Soul with Religious Texts

Hussein Sa’adat / MA of Philosophy and Islamic Theology / Tarbiat Modarres University


Reza Akbariyan / Professor in Department of Philosophy / Tarbiat Modarres University

Received: 2019/05/09 - Accepted: 2020/01/12                              


Among Mulla Sadra’s most important concerns was creating coordination between philosophy and religion. His statement “curse on the philosophy whose laws oppose the Book and the Sunnah” is a familiar statement for all students of transcendental philosophy. On the origination of the soul, however, Mulla Sadra has adopted a way other than paying attention to the appearance of the religious texts (i.e. texts speaking of origination of the soul before the body), believing in the corporeal origination of the soul. Mulla Sadra, who has intelligently noticed the conflict between his own theory and the appearance of the religious texts, offers two way of reconciliation to escape that conflict and create a harmony between his own theory and the religious texts. The first is distinguishing between the soul and the spirit as well as the souls of the perfect men and the non-perfect men; and the second is maintaining a rational existence for the soul.

Here, we seek to use a descriptive-analytical method with a critical approach to investigate and review Mulla Sadra’s solutions to reveal his failure in this task.

KEY WORDS: origination,  eternity, soul, body, rational existence, spirit, corporeality of origination.

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