The Ideal Body in Evolutions of Human Creation Based on the Phrase in the Quran’s Glorified Verse: “and then We Developed him into another Creation”

Muhammad Reza Karimi Wala / Associate Professor in Qom University

Ruhullah Nasiri Athar / PhD Student of Teaching Islamic Knowledge, Qom University

Received: 2018/11/03 - Accepted: 2019/06/08                                    


The main issue in this article is understanding the meaning of the verses 12 to 16 of the chapter Mu’menun in the Holy Quran, especially the phrase ‘and then We developed him into another creation’. It aims at finding out the relationship between the soul and the body as well as the realization of the imaginal body and an inquiry of the conformity of Mulla Sadra’s theory with the denotation of that glorified verse. This study uses a documentary-analytical method to prove that the phrase ‘and then We developed him into another creation’ refers to the stage of promotion of corporeal being and realization of the imaginal incorporeal being ready to be transferred to the purgatory. And the ‘blowing the spirit’ in the verse refers to the transcendence of the imaginal body which is, itself, of the orders of the soul and united with it. This fact can be well supported by considering the verses related to determining the gender. The aforementioned findings are in line with Mulla Sadra’s theory regarding the realization of the soul in the process of substantial perfection of body and abstraction of faculties perceiving the details as well as the unity of the imagination faculty with the imaginal body and, finally, the soul’s corporeal originality and spiritual eternity.

KEY WORDS: corporeal body, imaginal body, evolutions in human creation, “and then We developed him in another creation”.


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