A Philosophical Analysis of Conventional Worlds; Mind-World and Construction-World

Abdullah Fathi / Assistant Professor in Department of Philosophy IKI    abdollahfathy@yahoo.com
Received: 2019/02/16 - Accepted: 2019/08/01
Normally, human beings think they interact with the natural things as they are. This is somewhat right, but some later thinkers believe, in explaining a deeper layer of human life, that the man does not live in mere nature, for things do not have their natural existence in the life of this peculiar being, and the man does not consider things as they are. Rather, in human life, things have special meanings resulted from human’s mental agency. These thinkers pose the idea of man’s living in fabricated worlds, and each has chosen a special way to explain it. The author, however, has conducted a detailed study regarding the nature of convention and conventional realities, offering a new theory called the “theory of conventional realities”. According to this theory, the man creates mental identities for anything with which he has interactions based on the affairs that can be called ‘conventional backgrounds’; and those identities would be the meaning and reality of the things. When considered together as a collection, the mental identities create a world that can be regarded the ‘conventional world’ or the manmade world.  Accordingly, in the process of his life, the man creates two worlds called mind-world and construction-world wherein he lives. 
KEY WORDS: convention, conventional affairs, conventional worlds, life-world, construction-world, mind-world.


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