The Philosophical Explanation of the Necessity and Reason for Issuing Conventionality

Abdollah Fathi / Assistant Professor of Department of Philosophy IKI  

Ali Abbasi / Faculty Member in al-Mostafa International University

Received: 2018/08/12 - Accepted: 2019/03/02


We live in an ocean of conventional affairs: some certain things such as money, bank, inflation, social traditions, university, president, and laws, which are not among objective and physical realities, and have no physical features. Public perception of these realities is that human beings have created them, but the important question is as follows: “Why does a being such as human create such things?” “Are humans not able to achieve their goals without such conventional affairs?” The following questions have been dealt with two thinkers with schools in conventional affairs, i.e. Allama Tabatabaie and John Searle: “Why have human beings created things such as money, marriage, ownership, bank and organization in their lives?” and “What is the status of such things in the process of realization of human action?” To answer these questions in the present article, we have firstly investigated the thoughts of Allama Tabatabaie and John Searle and, then, have stated four new analyses of the reason and necessity of issuing conventional things.

KEY WORDS: conventionality, conventional affairs, mental action, reason and necessity of conventionality, world-mind.


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